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Financial Impact

The projected tax rate increase that would be required for the $59M bond is 13.25 cents. “No growth assumption” means the tax impact projections are based on the District’s values remaining the same, rather than including any projected growth in property values. The District has used this conservative approach in an effort to ensure that the actual tax impact is no greater than the District’s tax impact projections. In the event that District property values grow, the actual tax impact may be less than currently projected.

  • The following chart shows how the potential tax increase will impact your tax bill, depending on the value of your home.

  • This shows the estimate of how much your tax bill would increase and what the impact would be monthly for those who escrow their taxes.

  • For example: A home assessed at $250,000 will have a tax difference of $16.56 per month, or $198.75 per year, in 2024 vs. 2023.

Homestead Impact