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Our Mission

Tarkington ISD's mission is to empower, support, and inspire our students to achieve academic success and to pursue excellence in all aspects of learning so they may live purposeful and productive lives.

Core Values

  1. Integrity: The quality of being honest, respectful and having strong moral principles.
  2. Accountability: Accept responsibility for your own actions. 
  3. Pursuit of Excellence: To give your best effort at all times.
  4. Courage: Having the strength to do the right thing.

Priority Guiding Statements

  1. Tarkington ISD will recruit, support, and retain high quality teachers and staff.
  2. Our students will read on grade level or higher by the beginning of 3rd Grade and will remain on grade level or higher until graduation.
  3. Tarkington ISD will provide career exploration opportunities for students so they have a better idea of opportunities after graduation.
  4. Our students will graduate college and/or career, and life ready.