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Superintendent Dr. Elna Davis
Superintendent Dr. Elna Davis

Longhorn Family:

Our motto this year is, "Don't Stop 'til You're Proud!" It is a saying that encompasses our goal: We won't stop until we are the best we can possibly be.

Together we can make the 2023-24 school year  extraordinary. I know and have witnessed this community come to the side of others in ways that amaze me. Let's continue to build on all the things that make this a great community by polishing our diamond. Let’s create a space full of greatness at every turn for all who live, learn, work and play here.  I am committed to the work and the people in the Tarkington ISD community. Thank you for joining us in doing that work! 

Elna Davis, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools



My entrance into the world of education began in Mansfield ISD where I served as a classroom teacher for seven years, assistant principal for four months, and campus principal for eight years. My early successes at the campus level led to cabinet-level positions in Grand Prairie ISD, where over the course of nearly ten years, I served as the Elementary Director, Executive Director, Chief of Schools, and Area Superintendent. Both of my previous districts afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with architects in the design and construction of new campuses to create innovative learning spaces.  Furthermore, as area superintendent, I supported the principals of both an elementary and a high school who achieved national Blue Ribbon status. Recognition of that magnitude occurs when all staff work together like a team and encourage all students to be their best selves.
I am the oldest of five girls born to parents who did not graduate from high school, although they both eventually earned their GED, of which they are very proud. There was always a very clear expectation in our home that all five of the children would attend a university to help shape better lives for ourselves. Fast forward a few years and you will find all five children are college graduates, each of whom is serving others in a way that is meaningful to her. Because of my parents’ efforts, I have come to realize the value of a strong education and how it can change lives for the better.

To schedule a meeting, contact:
Gloria Aleman, Administrative Asst. to Superintendent
281-592-8781, ext. 1231