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Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Due to Texas state law requirements for punctual reporting of on the job injuries or a work related illness, you must report every incident accurately and promptly. Failure to report can result in substantial fines assessed by the Texas Workers’ Compensation System. ALL on the job injuries and/or work related illnesses must be reported to DeAnna McKay in the Administration Office (281-592-8781 or ext. 116). 

Immediately after an accident, forms must be filled out completely. Failure to complete every item on these forms may delay processing of an injury claim. 

If injured, the employee shall notify the supervisor immediately or go to the campus nurse or designee.

  • If the injury is life threatening and requires emergency medical treatment, call 911, the please notify DeAnna McKay at 281.592.8781 or ext. 116
  • If the injury requires minor medical attention, please advise the employee that they must go to a doctor in the Alliance network and give them:
    • ​”Employee Packet if Seeking Medical Attention” – includes a list of doctors in the Alliance network within 30 miles.
    • Copy of completed Employee Injury Report
    • Completed Verification of Employment Form

Please send the completed Employee Injury Report & Employee Acknowledgment of the Alliance Form to DeAnna McKay in the Administration Office.