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The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the Administration Board Room.

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District of Innovation

Tarkington ISD
District of Innovation Plan

HB 1842, approved during the 84th Legislative session, provides the opportunity for Texas public school districts to pursue designation as a District of Innovation. An innovation plan allows a school district to have greater local control over district operations in specified areas


The plan was developed, reviewed and approved by the District of Innovation Planning Committee for Tarkington ISD. 


The  District of Innovation Plan for Tarkington ISD can be read in full at the link below


District of Innovation Plan

District of Innovation Exemptions

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TIna Dowdell Dowdell, TIna
Amanda Duncan Duncan, Amanda
Michelle Emmert Emmert, Michelle
Fifth Grade Teacher
memmert@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Kathy  Ewing Ewing , Kathy
Cafeteria Manager - Tarkington Primary School
Clint Fisher
Fisher, Clint
Assistant Principal
cfisher@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jackie Flores
Flores, Jackie
Science Teacher
jflores@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Patti Foyt
Foyt, Patti
Reading Interventionist
pfoyt@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Sandy Frazier Frazier, Sandy
Kacy Freeze
Freeze, Kacy
kfreeze@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Kristin Fuller
Fuller, Kristin
kfuller@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Sherrell Gafford Gafford , Sherrell
Cafeteria Manager - Tarkington Middle School
Connie Gardner Gardner, Connie
Kelsey Garrett Garrett, Kelsey
Amy Gawlik
Gawlik, Amy
agawlik@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Andrea Georges
Georges, Andrea
AP Secretary/Attendance
ageorges@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Cheryl Gilbert
Gilbert, Cheryl
HSTE Teacher
cgilbert@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Shari Gilmore Gilmore, Shari
Attendance Clerk
Susan  Glogosh
Glogosh, Susan
1st Grade Teacher
sglogosh@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Susan  Greak
Greak, Susan
3rd Grade Teacher
sgreak@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Susan Greak Greak, Susan
Art Teacher
sgreak@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Dalton Gregory
Gregory, Dalton
Business/History Teacher
dgregory@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Cindy Grudzinski
Grudzinski, Cindy
3rd Grade Teacher
cgrudzinski@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Teresa Guagliardo
Guagliardo, Teresa
Math Teacher
tguagliardo@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jennifer  Gulledge
Gulledge, Jennifer
jgulledge@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Michael Gutierrez
Gutierrez, Michael
AP World History/Head Golf
mgutierrez@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Melah Hallmark Hallmark, Melah
Julia  Hankins Hankins , Julia
4th Grade Teacher
jhankins@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Deanne Hare
Hare, Deanne
dhare@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Silas Hare
Hare, Silas
Science Teacher
share@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Mary Jo Havard
Havard, Mary Jo
Grade 8 Reading
mjhavard@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Deanna  Hawthorne
Hawthorne, Deanna
1st Grade Teacher
dhawthorne@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Ruth Henderson
Henderson, Ruth
Band Director
rhenderson@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Alice Henson
Henson, Alice
3rd Grade Teacher
ahenson@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jessica Herndon
Herndon, Jessica
Registrar/Counselor Secretary
Karen Hewitt
Hewitt, Karen
Biology and Aquatic Sci.
khewitt@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
James Hicks
Hicks, James
jhicks@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
LaJeania  Hicks Hicks , LaJeania
Special Education Teacher
lhicks@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Ryan Holt
Holt, Ryan
Kindergarten Teacher
rholt@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Sheila Horne Horne, Sheila
Calesta House House, Calesta
chouse@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Stan Howard
Howard, Stan
Athletic Director
showard@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Stan  Howard
Howard, Stan
Boys Athletic Director
Gina Hullum
Hullum, Gina
Counselor (M-Z)
ghullum@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Deann Jackson
Jackson, Deann
Kindergarten Teacher
djackson@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Elizabeth Jackson Jackson, Elizabeth
Amber Keith Keith, Amber
Katy Kelley
Kelley, Katy
Math Teacher- 8th
kkelley@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Michael Kelley Kelley, Michael
mkelley@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Dee Krizak
Krizak, Dee
dkrizak@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
David LaBar
LaBar, David
Government & Economics Teacher
dlabar@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Karen LaBar LaBar, Karen
Life Skills Teacher Intermediate
klabar@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Roberta Lakavage
Lakavage, Roberta
Theater Arts Teacher
rlakavage@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Roberta Lakavage
Lakavage, Roberta
Drama Teacher
rlakavage@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Staci Lambert Lambert, Staci
Stephanie Lambert
Lambert, Stephanie
Ag Teacher
slambert@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Shibahn  Landry
Landry , Shibahn
1st Grade Teacher
slandry@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Edie Lang
Lang, Edie
6th & 7th grade Reading
elang@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Patrick  LaTouche
LaTouche, Patrick
Special Education
platouche@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Rolando Leal
Leal, Rolando
Spanish Teacher
rleal@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Dana Leech
Leech, Dana
3rd Grade Teacher
dleech@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
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