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TISD Board Meeting Information

The next regular TISD Board meeting will be held on Monday, May 22, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the TISD Administration building. 


Employees of the Month


Teacher – Billie Alexander
Para – Maleah Hallmark (pictured)


Teacher – Jackie Owens
Para – Kayla Parker

Middle School

Teacher – Stephanie Shirley
Para – Cassie Street

High School

Teacher – Dawn Angerstein
Para – Kelly Thompson

Support Staff

Allen Hollie


Staff Directory
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Sandra Abke Abke, Sandra
Administrative Assistant
sbrackett@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Billie Alexander
Alexander, Billie
Art Teacher
balexander@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Billie Alexander Alexander, Billie
Art Teacher
balexander@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Carol Alford
Alford , Carol
2nd Grade Teacher
calford@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Avah Anderson
Anderson, Avah
Kindergarten Teacher
aanderson@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Randi  Anderson Anderson, Randi
District Nurse
randerson@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Dawn Angerstein
Angerstein, Dawn
Special Education CCL/Resource English/Inclusion
dangerstein@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Kem  Arnold Arnold , Kem
School Board President
Twynia Atkins
Atkins, Twynia
PE Teacher / Coach
tatkins@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Terri Audilet
Audilet, Terri
English Teacher
taudilet@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Kayla  Baker
Baker, Kayla
Trainer/Sports Medicine
kbaker@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Brandon Barganier
Barganier, Brandon
bbarganier@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Daniel Barton
Barton, Daniel
dbarton@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Doreen  Bergland
Bergland, Doreen
Pre-K Teacher
dbergland@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Terri Berry
Berry, Terri
U.S.History/Texas History
tberry@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Brittany Berton
Berton, Brittany
6th Social Studies/8th US History/Girls Athletics
bberton@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Liana Biondolilo
Biondolilo, Liana
6th Math
lbiondolilo@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Tamara Blackmon
Blackmon, Tamara
tblackmon@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Karen  Blum Blum, Karen
Food Service Supervisor
Tracy  Boatright
Boatright, Tracy
Pre-K Teacher
tboatright@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Amy Boie
Boie, Amy
aboie@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Crystal  Bortz
Bortz, Crystal
3rd Grade Teacher
cbortz@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jason Bowen
Bowen, Jason
ART 6th grade, SPED. Inclusion, AEP and ART 1
jbowen@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jason Bowen
Bowen, Jason
Art Teacher 6th grade AEP Art 1,2,and 3
jbowen@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Celeste  Bradberry Bradberry , Celeste
cbradberry@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Barbie Braud Braud, Barbie
Principals Secretary
Pat Bricker
Bricker, Pat
Athletic & PE Coach
pbricker@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Pam Broadright Broadright, Pam
Technology Coordinator
pbroadright@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Paula  Broussard Broussard, Paula
Reading/Math Intervention
pbroussard@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Madison Brown
Brown, Madison
English III, PSAT/SAT Prep, AP Study Skills
mbrown@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jessiene Bruce Bruce, Jessiene
Assistant Principal
jbruce@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Tom Bruce
Bruce, Tom
Math Teacher/Coach
tbruce@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jeff Bryant Bryant, Jeff
Physics & Chemistry Teacher
jbryant@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Tiffany  Buntion Buntion, Tiffany
PE Teacher/Asst. Volleyball & Asst. Softball Coach
tbuntion@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Dana  Burt Burt, Dana
PEIMS Coordinator
Loretta Burt Burt, Loretta
Tax Collector
lburt@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Dusty Calhoun
Calhoun, Dusty
Social Studies/Coach
dcalhoun@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Brandon  Carpenter Carpenter , Brandon
Athletic Director
bcarpenter@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Cassie Carpenter
Carpenter, Cassie
2nd Grade Teacher
ccarpenter@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jhila Carter
Carter, Jhila
Band Teacher
jcarter@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Barbara Casteel
Casteel, Barbara
English Teacher
bcasteel@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Susan Castleberry Castleberry, Susan
Susan Castleberry Castleberry, Susan
Doris  Chambers Chambers , Doris
Cafeteria Manager - Tarkington Intermediate School
Cindy Chapman
Chapman, Cindy
6th grade Reading Teacher
cchapman@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Kay Chesson Chesson, Kay
Spanish Teacher
kchesson@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Sharon Cole
Cole, Sharon
CTE Technology Instructor & Yearbook Advisor
scole@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Allen  Coogler Coogler , Allen
School Board Member
Michelle Coogler
Coogler, Michelle
Math 6th
mcoogler@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Grant  Cook Cook , Grant
School Board Vice President
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