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TISD Board Meeting Information



There will be a Board Member Budget Workshop on August 1, 2017. The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be on Monday, August 21, 2017




District of Innovation

Tarkington ISD
District of Innovation Plan

HB 1842, approved during the 84th Legislative session, provides the opportunity for Texas public school districts to pursue designation as a District of Innovation. An innovation plan allows a school district to have greater local control over district operations in specified areas


The plan was developed, reviewed and approved by the District of Innovation Planning Committee for Tarkington ISD. 


The  District of Innovation Plan for Tarkington ISD can be read in full at the link below


District of Innovation Plan

District of Innovation Exemptions

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Sandra Abke Abke, Sandra
Administrative Assistant
sbrackett@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Billie Alexander
Alexander, Billie
Art Teacher
balexander@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Carol Alford
Alford , Carol
2nd Grade Teacher
calford@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Avah Anderson
Anderson, Avah
Kindergarten Teacher
aanderson@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Randi  Anderson Anderson, Randi
District Nurse
randerson@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Dawn Angerstein
Angerstein, Dawn
Special Education CCL/Resource English/Inclusion
dangerstein@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Twynia Atkins
Atkins, Twynia
PE Teacher / Coach
tatkins@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Terri Audilet
Audilet, Terri
English Teacher
taudilet@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Kayla  Baker
Baker, Kayla
Trainer/Sports Medicine
kbaker@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Daniel Barton
Barton, Daniel
dbarton@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Doreen  Bergland
Bergland, Doreen
Pre-K Teacher
dbergland@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Terri Berry
Berry, Terri
U.S.History/Texas History
tberry@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Brittany Berton
Berton, Brittany
6th Social Studies/8th US History/Girls Athletics
bberton@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Liana Biondolilo
Biondolilo, Liana
6th Math
lbiondolilo@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Tamara Blackmon
Blackmon, Tamara
tblackmon@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Karen  Blum Blum, Karen
Food Service Supervisor
Tracy  Boatright
Boatright, Tracy
Pre-K Teacher
tboatright@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Amy Boie
Boie, Amy
aboie@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Crystal  Bortz
Bortz, Crystal
3rd Grade Teacher
cbortz@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jason Bowen
Bowen, Jason
ART 6th grade, SPED. Inclusion, AEP and ART 1
jbowen@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jason Bowen
Bowen, Jason
Art Teacher 6th grade AEP Art 1,2,and 3
jbowen@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Celeste  Bradberry Bradberry , Celeste
cbradberry@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Barbie Braud Braud, Barbie
Principals Secretary
Pam Broadright Broadright, Pam
Technology Coordinator
pbroadright@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Paula  Broussard Broussard, Paula
Reading/Math Intervention
pbroussard@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Madison Brown
Brown, Madison
English III, PSAT/SAT Prep, AP Study Skills
mbrown@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jessiene Bruce Bruce, Jessiene
Assistant Principal
jbruce@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Tiffany  Buntion Buntion, Tiffany
PE Teacher/Asst. Volleyball & Asst. Softball Coach
tbuntion@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Dana  Burt Burt, Dana
PEIMS Coordinator
Loretta Burt Burt, Loretta
Tax Collector
lburt@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Dusty Calhoun
Calhoun, Dusty
Social Studies/Coach
dcalhoun@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Brandon  Carpenter Carpenter , Brandon
Athletic Director
bcarpenter@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Cassie Carpenter
Carpenter, Cassie
2nd Grade Teacher
ccarpenter@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Barbara Casteel
Casteel, Barbara
English Teacher
bcasteel@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Susan Castleberry Castleberry, Susan
Susan Castleberry Castleberry, Susan
Doris  Chambers Chambers , Doris
Cafeteria Manager - Tarkington Intermediate School
Cindy Chapman
Chapman, Cindy
6th grade Reading Teacher
cchapman@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Sharon Cole
Cole, Sharon
CTE Technology Instructor & Yearbook Advisor
scole@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Michelle Coogler
Coogler, Michelle
Math 6th
mcoogler@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Julie Crane Crane, Julie
Earth & Science/Physics Teacher
jcrane@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Jessica  Croft Croft, Jessica
jcroft@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Lynette Croft
Croft, Lynette
lcroft@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Samantha Cummings
Cummings, Samantha
Culinary Arts & Principles of Hospitality Teacher
scummings@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Samantha  Dauenhauer Dauenhauer, Samantha
4th Grade Teacher
sdauenhauer@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Mark Davidson Davidson, Mark
World Geography/Athletic Teacher
mwdavidson@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Christy  Davis
Davis, Christy
1st Grade Teacher
cdavis@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Josh Davis Davis, Josh
Inclusion Teacher
jdavis@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Crystal  Dean Dean , Crystal
Technology Director
cdean@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Caron Delahoussaye
Delahoussaye, Caron
2nd Grade Teacher
cdelahoussaye@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Karen  Deming Deming , Karen
Math Teacher
kdeming@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Connie Douglas
Douglas, Connie
District Nurse
cdouglas@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Michelle Emmert Emmert, Michelle
Fifth Grade Teacher
memmert@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Kathy  Ewing Ewing , Kathy
Cafeteria Manager - Tarkington Primary School
Clint Fisher
Fisher, Clint
Assistant Principal
cfisher@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Patti Foyt
Foyt, Patti
Reading Interventionist
pfoyt@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Sherrell Gafford Gafford , Sherrell
Cafeteria Manager - Tarkington Middle School
Amy Gawlik
Gawlik, Amy
agawlik@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Andrea Georges
Georges, Andrea
AP Secretary/Attendance
ageorges@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
Cheryl Gilbert
Gilbert, Cheryl
HSTE Teacher
cgilbert@tarkingtonisd.netView Website
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